AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Strategic Partner Selection Framework

GCCs today are looking to accelerate their innovation and transformation quotient in niche areas by partnering with a broad spectrum of the external ecosystem. The AI revolution has spawned several global boutique and niche deep-tech AI startups across products, solutions and services categories.

AIQRATE’s Converge framework is designed to help GCCs identify the pertinent capability partners to accelerate their AI maturity journey. AIQRATE scans and assesses multiple global startups and boutique firms based on its proprietary Partnership Scoring tool which is built on multiple measurable criteria: capability synergies, product, solution maturity, GTM approaches, client base and vision roadmaps. We also program manage your RFP process for AI interventions on request based on defined key success factors to arrive at the ideal partner selection.

The AIQRATE Converge framework accelerates the GCCs’ inorganic growth strategy for partner selection and the synergistic fitment.