AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

Global Capability Centres (GCCs)

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are at a critical inflection point. As multinational corporations continue to move to an AI-first paradigm, they are looking at their GCCs to provide AI prowess to drive this transformation.

AI has taken a robust foothold in the GCCs, with their talent powering evidence-backed, data-driven decisions for their parent organizations. The next generation of the GCCs will be expected to provide autonomous decision support and an AI-augmented human intelligence. GCC leaders will need to harness the burgeoning power of AI technologies to drive corporate decisions, automate repetitive, low-value tasks through robotization and reinvent business models for the continued success of their business in the new world.

The most important reason driving in-sourcing decisions is the strong business process integration that GCCs provide. Rather than relying on the volume provided by outsourced companies, MNCs realize that they need to meld quality output with high productivity, delivered by professionals that can re-imagine current business functions. GCCs are increasingly seeing the long-term benefits of investing in a world-class offshore capability center. With great investments come great expectations – they need their offshore GCC leaders to have a multidimensional business orientation and act as the key intermediary between the strategic boardroom and the operational engine room.

The future of the GCCs is AI-first and AIQRATE, with our bespoke frameworks & artifacts, is best placed to dive deep with you to craft your AI strategy.

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