AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Experience Center Setup Framework

AI experience centres showcase contextualized business cases built on AI techniques: computer vision, conversational AI, image classification, social media command center, thus making AI Interactive, Immersive and Intuitive (3i).

Enterprises are using experience centers as innovation hubs to not only foster disruption in their business arenas but to also promote thought leadership and build strategic relationships. The AI experience Centre is a great experiential mechanism to exhibit to key stakeholders: clients, investors and end users on the efficacy of the AI use cases. This further accelerates adoption process in the enterprise.

AIQRATE’s i-Cube framework will enable an experience centre set up approach with topical business use cases. The framework focusses on reducing time to market and the pay-back period and help with orienting the stakeholders required to get buy in and adoption.