AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

What We Do

AIQRATE is a bespoke global AI advisory and consulting firm. We provide strategic AI advisory services and consulting offerings across multiple business segments to enable clients on their AI powered transformation & innovation journey and accentuate their decision making and business performance.


Partner with you to curate your AI strategy in alignment with your business strategy

Understand your strategic business transformation and innovation initiatives deeply so we can create tailored AI advisory and consulting engagements that are just right for you

Align the AI strategy with CXOs, business function heads to enable AI@scale adoption pervasively

Invest in building global AI ecosystem: AI startups, data, talent, investment, academic partners to provide holistic advisory and consulting services to our clients in totality

Design top of the line AI tools, frameworks & methodologies wrapped in the form of deployable artifacts which are hand-crafted for a client’s specific requirements

Within the realm of AI advisory services and consulting offerings, we:

Demystify & Evangelize AI

Curate AI strategy for businesses

Redefine businesses– AI ecosystem acceleration

Enable AI In-action – effectuate AI interventions in totality


100+ Videos, 200 + hours of Immersive and absorbing video collections

Playback sessions from AIQRATE CXO SERIES: coveted thought leadership accentuation platform

Strategic & topical perspectives from global & eclectic leaders

Top of line novel insights on AI led Strategy, Transformation, Innovation & Disruption

Marquee collections on Future of Work, Leadership, Talent, Learning & Education

Succinct analysis, snackable information nuggets & engrossing narratives


First in its

Bespoke AI strategy advisory and consulting firm with path breaking services and offerings and unique client engagement models

Deep contextualized expertise

Proven global AI advisory and consulting experience across business segments covering Enterprises, GCCs, Start-ups, SMBs, VC/PE firms, Academic Institutions and Industry associations

Repertoire of

Our proprietary AI playbooks, primers, frameworks, methodologies, toolkits enable us advice CXOs and senior leaders with artisanal insights and recommendations

End to end

Holistic coverage of AI advisory and consulting from AI maturity assessment, CoE construct & interventions, partner selection to AI business value output

Enhanced external orientation

Our team’s first-hand and deep experience of understanding global AI market landscape, ecosystem, topical trends, scenarios and approaches

Amplified Thought leadership

Our demonstrated body of work in AI is featured and covered via published books, press, global media publications, social media, industry forums

Why engage Us

Exhaustive and proven leadership experience of crafting AI strategy roadmaps, maturity assessments, readiness frameworks and methodologies for several Fortune 500 clients, GCCs, Indian enterprises, SMBs, New age digital enterprises coupled with defining and showcasing broad exhibit plan for making the enterprise AI ready for CXOs

Comprehensive, ready to deploy AI CoE and CoC playbooks and toolkits covering strategic and operational impact scenarios and approaches on unleashing transformation, innovation and disruption within enterprises and GCCs​

Incisive consulting coverage on AI led strategic interventions for C-suite stakeholders with redefining business functions artifacts​

Global AI ecosystem compendium on startups, niche & boutique ventures benchmarked on AIQRATE “Glow Curve” assessment​

Bespoke immersive and engaging AI masterclass sessions and evangelization workshops rendered with wide array of AI use cases and ensuing business impact

Broad and expansive repository of AIQRATE proprietary advisory and consulting reports, analysis, insights, toolkits, frameworks, assessments, methodologies, playbooks, toolkits, templates and compendiums


AI & analytics

Accelerating Business Decisions (Wiley CXO Series)

The first book of its kind in its genre, a must have primer for CXOs for curating, developing and executing AI strategies in their enterprises for end-to-end transformative impact.  A valuable guide for executives and aspiring professionals on how AI can transform businesses, with deep focus on key industries and exponential technologies. The book also showcases the immense AI adoption and consumption scenarios in high impact and rapidly changing industries.

Sameer Dhanrajani – Series Editor : Innovation Black Book 2020 – Enterprise 4.0 (Wiley)

This unique and curated edition complies perspectives of top 23 leaders and their strategic envisioning of how enterprises of the future would operate on the vectors of new age business and customer models, functional value chains and various digital assets and ecosystem.

Sameer Dhanrajani – Series Editor : Innovation Black Book 2019 : Exponential Technologies (Wiley)

For the first time, 15 marquee Industry Leaders collaborated to write on possibilities and future scenarios on AI & exponential Technologies, future of work, learning & research and the ensuing impact on businesses and operating models in the era of transformation, innovation & disruption.

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