AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

AI Strategy: Transformation | Innovation | Disruption

Analytics to AI Road-mapping & Assessment

Several business leaders today aspire to implement AI in their businesses, but do not know where to start. There are many who have successfully used analytics in their decision making and now want to morph the enterprise into becoming AI centric. Curating the path to reimagining the decision making due to advancements in areas like computer vision, conversational AI, image classification and algorithmic decision making is the journey enterprises are aspiring to traverse.

An in-depth assessment of an enterprise’ AI readiness is ascertained using AIQRATE’s AI Maturity Continuum Framework.

Based on the assessment, AIQRATE’s Elevate AI Transformation Journey framework is ideal in giving strategic direction to business leaders and decision makers on their AI journey. The AIQRATE’s Elevate AI Transformation Journey framework is a combination of:

  • AI vision and business ROI management
  • Ready to deploy PoC execution and contextualized use case generation
  • Detailed AI road-mapping (short, medium and long-term plans) scenarios
  • Internal evangelization and Go to market strategy formulation

AIQRATE’s structured approach and frameworks build a robust foundation across the business value chain to implement an AI regime within an accelerated turn-around time.